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    Adult Volunteer - Youth Work Training Pack

    In 2014 the Police Scotland National Partnership Unit was established to develop partnership programmes which would improve dialogue
    and relationships between young people and the police. Key partners included YouthLink Scotland and Young Scot. One of the initiatives which developed through this partnership was the
    Police Scotland Youth Volunteer programme. YouthLink Scotland developed a training course to ensure that the adult
    volunteers recruited by Police Scotland have a better understanding of the youth work approach and can effectively engage with young people. Between 2014 and 2017 over 300 adult volunteers have been recruited and trained through YouthLink Scotland’s PSYV Adult Volunteer training. There are now groups operating across the majority of Scotland, therefore the need for large scale training has reduced.

    Instead, new PSYV adult volunteers have been joining existing groups. It was decided that to assist with sustainability YouthLink Scotland would
    develop a toolkit incorporating the Youth Work approach which PSYV groups could cascade to new volunteers. This training can be delivered at
    a time to suit the local trainer and volunteer and can also be delivered at a local level rather than at the National Police College. Representatives from PSYV groups across Scotland will be selected as
    trainers by Police Scotland and YouthLink Scotland and given support to use this toolkit. Trainers do not need to be Regional Coordinators, Group
    Co-ordinators, or employed by Police Scotland. They could be Adult Volunteers who are comfortable with delivering training or have previous
    youth work experience. This training toolkit has been created and endorsed by YouthLink Scotland who will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the resource and ensure that there is high quality training delivery taking place within PSYV groups.

    Youth Volunteer Induction

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    Module 1: Initial Training Programme


    The Initial Training Programme is the main point of entry to become a recognised Youth Volunteer with Police Scotland. There are three units to complete:

    Unit 1: PSYV Induction

    Unit 2: PSYV Standards

    Unit 3: PSYV Operations


    The purpose of this training is to make sure you know about PSYV, you have some basic knowledge of Police Scotland and you understand what is expected of you and what you should expect in your role as a Police Scotland Youth Volunteer.

    Module 2: Initial Volunteer Experience


    After completing Module 1 you are now eligible to take part in volunteering duties. This module prepares you to plan for your initial volunteer experiences so that you are a safe and responsible member of the team. PSYV sessions continue to provide you with face to face training while you develop your portfolio of evidence and put into practise all the things you have learned in Module 1 and the new knowledge and skills you develop here in Module 2. There are three units to complete:

    Unit 1: PSYV Knowledge & Skills Development

    Unit 2: Preparing for Volunteering

    Unit 3: Volunteering Experience


    The purpose of this training is to make sure you are prepared to be a safe and responsible team member when you embark on your initial volunteer experiences. You carry out your initial experiences with support from an Adult Volunteer or Group Coordinator who will observe you in action. Meanwhile you will engage in face to face training that continues to develop your PSYV knowledge and skills that are useful to you in your voluntary work as well as at home school and wider life experiences.